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How long will it take to complete my order?

10-business days or less is our general turn around for every order. This allows for scheduling the artwork, ordering, and scheduling your job for production. Although we request 10-business days to complete your order, we will always complete your order sooner if our schedule allows. We rely on your cooperation for approving your order and artwork in a timely manner to meet the 10-business day schedule. Your order could potentially be delayed if approvals are delayed.
If you need to Rush your order, we charge 5% of the order total per day quicker than our 10-business day schedule.

What is your minmum order?

We do not have minimums. Although we do not have a minimum, Screen Printing (SP) prices are lower on larger orders versus smaller ones (on a per piece basis). Embroidery (EMB) prices are generally the same across the board, but ordering very large quantities can potentially help reduce piece prices. Our Direct-to-Garment (DTG) pricing is relevant to per piece as well, but we generally only DTG print on smaller orders to pass a lower piece price to the customer (vs. Screen Printing small quantities at a higher price). Please refer to our Services page for more information on the type of services we provide. If you have any questions or need a Free Quote, please visit our Contact page.

Do you have set-up fees or screen charges?

No. We do not have any hidden or additional charges for screen printing. The only extra charges that might apply to your order would be art charges, or digitizing fees for embroidery. If any of these charges apply, we will let you know upfront when we give you your quote.

Do you charge for artwork?

Yes and No. We provide one-hour of art with every screen printed t-shirt order of 36 pieces or more, at no charge. As a custom screen printer, each design is different and have their own complexities. We charge a respectable $35 per hour for Screen Print art on designs that will take many hours to complete, especially on small orders. On large orders of 500 or more pieces the potential for us to absorb the art charges are possible. It really comes down to the complexitity of the design itself.

For DTG orders, we charge $35 per hour unless you provide your art ready to go and all we need to do is open the image file and print. We allow for minor changes such as resizing and minor clean-ups.

Art only orders do incur an Art Charge of $35 per hour.

You are more than welcome to send us your design for a Free Quote anytime.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all Major Credit and Debit Cards, Cash, Checks, and even PayPal. For your convenience, we now provide payment of your invoices online, via a credit card. If you would like to pay your invoice online, please request an invoice with a payment button from one of our Customer Service Specialists. A link to your invoice will be sent via email and the Payment Button will be located at the top left of the page. A Secure Payment page will be provided for you to enter your Credit Card information.

If you prefer, you may call our Office during business hours and one of our Customer Service Specialists will gladly assit you in taking payment over the phone.

Does your price include shirts?

Yes. We provide the garments and is included in our pricing. Prices will vary based on different types of garments such as style, etc. You can bring in your shirts as well, but due to the varying styles and purchasing locations, we cannot guarantee any customer supplied products. Please take this into mind if you decide to provide your own garments.

What if I place a large order, will a smaller reorder be the same price?

It all depends on how much smaller your reorder is. Our prices are based on per piece. The more you order, lower the price.

Do you print at your location?

Yes. We are a fully functioning screen printer. We have the facility, equipment, and expertise to Screen Print everything internally, with the capability to print on a majority of garments and other items, such as towels, tote bags, etc. Our continuing goal is to update our equipment and printing capabilities to match our clients needs.

How many colors can you print?

We can print mutiple colors. We provide a couple of printing methods. With Screen Printing (SP), we have the ability to print 12-colors on our 12-head, 14-station automatic press, in addition to our 6-color, 8-station automatic press.
Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing is another method we provide, but is a different process than screen printing. A DTG printer can print thousands, if not millions, of colors just like a desktop inkjet printer.

What is the difference between Screen Printing and Direct-To-Garment Printing?

As its name implies, Screen Printing is the process of printing inks through a screen, or mesh, as it is known in the industry. Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing is not screen printing as some have been led to believe. A DTG printer is basically an overgrown desktop inkjet printer. That is its basic form, but on a much larger scale. Also, as its name implies, DTG printing is printing direct to a garment from a computer. We have articles available in our blog that go into depth on each process. You can find more information by reading our articles for Screen Printing and Direct-To-Garment Printing.

Can you print Water-based Inks and/ or Discharge print?

Yes. We have the ability to print water-based inks and can apply a discharge process upon request. There are times when we apply the discharge process to a job without it being requested. Certain jobs benefit more from discharging.

What is the difference between Plastisol and Water-based inks?

Plastisol is a PVC (plastic) based ink and a Water-based ink is, as it name implies, water based. Both methods have been used in the screen printing industry for many years and each process has its own difficulties and limitations. Plastisol has been the tried and true ink used in screen printing, at least in garment printing, due to its ease of use. The down side to plastisol is the use of solvents for clean up, as opposed to a water-based ink where all that is needed for clean up is water. The downside to water-based inks is they have the tendency to dry up in a screen during the printing proccess. It takes more maintenance on the Printers part to ensure that water-based inks keep printing correctly during the print process. This takes more production time and is part of the reason why the t-shirt printing industry has stuck with plastisol. Not only that, but water-based inks have to have a water-resistant stencil which only adds to higher maintenance.

Plastisol inks are more solid versus water-based inks. One of the biggest adavatages of a water-based ink is its soft hand. It doesn't leave behind a film like plastisol, but rather the pigments dye the garment and feels like there is no ink on the shirt at all.

What is Discharge Printing?

Discharge printing is basically using a discharge ink to remove the dye from the garment. This will remove the pigment from the fabric to its natural color, not white since white is bleached cotton. The advantage of a dishcarge ink, used as a base, is the end result being a very soft print, even on dark garments. This as opposed to using a plastisol ink, as a base, on darks where you tend to have a bullet proof effect. We have been able to minimize the bullet proof effect using plastisols, but nothing copmares to using a discharge base. The end result is like not having anything on thse shirt at all, and the shirt is more comfortable and breathable.

Do you provide Contract Printing?

Yes. We are available for contract printing. To qualify for contract printing, you must be an active, registered, U.S. based business. Therefore you must have a Federal Employer's Identification Number and you must provide us with a copy of your State's Resale Certificate (Sales & Use Tax Cert). You must provide your own goods to be printed. We will accept drop-shipments as long as an order has been placed with us first. You can provide your own artwork, or have our Art Deprtment create your art for you. We charge $35.00 an hour for art creation. A 50% deposit is required and final payment is due on receipt. Net terms are negotiable. If you meet all of our qualifications, you can request a Contract Price List via email customerservice@bigrhino.com, or give us a call at 850-469-9028.

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